Creating a bright future with technology.Creating a bright future with technology.


YCC is a company that creates a brand new future by suppling essential material for IOT and 5G telecommunication to connect People, Things, and Society.

Lithium Tantalate (LT) and Lithium Niobate (LN) single crystal are indispensable material for key components of telecommunication.
YCC products are used in wide range of fields including smartphone and automobiles, infrastructure equipment such as base stations necessary for high speed communication. We will enrich your lives by contributing to the IOT society.

High quality crystal growth

Single crystal growth is a technology cultivated by long time wisdom and experience. We will produce high quality LT and LN to response customers requirement and requests by enhancing our growth technology.


In 1984 we doped Magnesium to LN and in 2005 we doped Iron to LT. That was industry's first trial and was evaluated as a new approach which is not trapped in the past. And today our products are de facto standard in the world market.

Larger diameter single crystal

The expectation of larger diameter wafer associated with growth of the market is higher than ever, it requires higher speed and technology. We will surmount those requirements by comprehensive power of technologies of single crystal growth and precision machining cultivated by long time experience.

Research and